Thursday, August 16, 2007

Can we form a list of genealogy publications?

This is a most wonderful site for all those involved in old books, bibliography etc.

I am a book collector from Rehovot, Israel. I have a very small and modest collection. I try to collect books that may be rare, up to about 200 years plus minus.

A few years ago I was advised by a friend to try and specialize. I had a couple of jewish genealogy books and I had noticed that I seldom see them, as they are usually printed in small "family" editions, and would naturally interest close family. So I decided to start collecting them - "them" I mean publications with concrete genealogy information - as long as they refer to jewish families (not just rabbinical).

When I got to my 40th item I got in touch with the mormon experts to try and check with them a few items. They answered that they didn`t have 7 items in my list, so I figured out I was on the right way. My collection is B"H growing slowly and by now I have some 200 items including reference books (for example books researching names etc.). I have had a visit from one of the top genealogy researchers of our times. I don`t research for lack of time and expertise - I came from the "pure" collection side.

I have made efforts to convince the "organized" genealogy establishment (including academic) to put together an international list of publications and where they can be found. Its essential and in demand today as genealogy research is so wide. I met thick brick walls. I can only guess this may harm certain financial or other interests. Be it as it may.

Lets assume there are no more than 2'000 publications, mainly 20th century. In our time and era, I guess it can`t be that hard to put together the public library collections, plus possible private extras. It needs some thought as to the indexing, but its time to have at least a basic list.

As usual when a book field is focused, bibliographical discoveries float. In any case a simple list of books and where they can be found is essential.

Perhaps the participants here can think of a way to do it. If done here it may boost this site. This may demand time and professional effort (including an update mechanism) - certainly indexing, therefore funds will seem to be required.

I wonder if forming a list is possible, or not?